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There and Back Again (A.B Remix), At Night

Join me for a blast from the past on this #ThrowbackThursday as I reflect on a past experience worth remembering. Though I didn’t have a blog at the time, I still want to share it now.

This article should have been released in January 2016.

“There and Back Again” is a track I wrote gradually over several years. I have posted about it previously here. This release on Stamina Records features a powerful and energetic remix by none other than A.B himself as the lead track, accompanied another melodic number “At Night”.

There and Back Again (A.B Remix)

Here is the original clip of Anarchy Breed – There and Back Again (A.B Remix), released by Stamina Records on SoundCloud! You can also pick it up here, on Beatport.

Anarchy Breed – There and Back Again (A.B Remix)

Having already debuted on our insane triple disc collaboration compilation ‘Freeform Family’, Anarchy Breed launches Stamina Records into the New Year with the same exciting ethos that has consistently set us apart as the definitive free-of-form imprint. Heading up the Yin side of the release is a sterling remix of Mr. Breed’s initial Stamina banger ‘There And Back Again’ by the proprietor of all things purple A.B. Sharp, succinct and to-the-point to engage maximum dancefloor carnage, A.B crams in fierce old skool orchestral stab sections, tear out basslines, plus arena-filling trance music to complement the original’s lush vibe. This is one serious Stamina Records oh-sixteen entrance… trust us!

Stamina Records release statement

At Night (Original Mix)

Both the A.B remix of “There and Back Again”, and “At Night”, went on to feature on the “Stamina Summer Slammers, volume 3” compilation album released in June 2016. Stream Stamina Summer Slammers, volume 3 on Amazon Music.

Anarchy Breed – At Night (Original Mix)

Turn it around and the Yang cut brings home an Anarchy Breed original that highlights why we’re supporting brand new talents for 2016. Offering a distinct retro UK flavour thanks to some chunky chugging stabs and beats, yet coupled with tight modern trance-infused freeform hardcore vibes, ‘At Night’ is the perfect peak-time set enhancer for when the rush is ready to consume the crowd. Big riffs, arps and lush pads all the way, enjoy this huge underground tight club cut from a name to watch out for; add it to your collection now to make 29 massive Stamina Records releases! Our New Year’s resolution? To continue to open up new sounds and possibilities for 170-music by ditching trends and forging our own cross-genre, unique, matchless, freeform hardcore style…

You can grab At Night on Beatport.

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