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My Journey in Music Production

Music production has come a long way over the past few decades, transforming from a craft necessitating expensive hardware and a physical studio space to one that can be executed within the confines of a personal computer.

Anarchy Breed - There and Back Again (AB Remix) release banner

There and Back Again (A.B Remix), At Night

“There and Back Again” is a track I wrote gradually over several years. I have posted about it previously here. This release on Stamina Records features a powerful and energetic remix by none other than A.B himself as the lead track, accompanied another melodic number “At Night”.

Freeform Family by Rebuild Music, A-Tech Records and Stamina Records

Freeform Family, There and Back Again

“There and Back Again” is a track I wrote on and off over the course of several years, during which many impactful life events occurred – getting older, the deaths of family members, the end of old relationships and the beginning of new ones.

BT - Movement in Still Life album cover

Why “Running Down The Way Up”?

I have been a fan of dance music for as long as I can remember. It started with recording songs off the radio and then downloading songs off the internet before I started working and could finally afford to buy the music I wanted…

Relentless records re-master series

Synaesthesia – Desolation (CLSM Remix)

Desolation is one of the earliest pieces of music I wrote that I still have the project files for. The original mix never actually got finished, and there are at this point so many different projects named “original mix” with different dates and lineages that it would be difficult to point to one of them and definitively say that was my original intention for the project.