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Bloxkrieg is the first game developed and released by Delusional Games. It started as a project in December to apply what we had learned over the last year of experimentation in game development to create a simple game project that would result in a finished and working game.

Get Bloxkrieg on Google Play.

A mixture of elements from Pong, pinball, Defender, and other classic arcade games, Bloxkrieg was relatively intuitive to implement within the Unity game development system and the most difficult task to date has been getting the user interface to look as expected across a variety of screen sizes and resolutions.

More information about Bloxkrieg can be found on the Delusional Games website.

Bloxkrieg 0.9.1 screenshot taken on PC from within the Unity editor

Bloxkrieg Update and Fixes Now on Google Play

Recently we released a game called Bloxkrieg on Google Play. It worked well on the devices we had tested it on up until that point, and then the next five devices it was installed on all had problems. They were all user interface scaling type issues but we have released a new version with several updates.

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