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Synaesthesia – Desolation (CLSM Remix)

Join me for a blast from the past on this #ThrowbackThursday as I reflect on a past experience worth remembering. Though I didn’t have a blog at the time, I still want to share it now.

This article should have been released in June 2021, or November 2005

Desolation is one of the earliest pieces of music I wrote that I still have the project files for. The original mix never actually got finished, and there are at this point so many different projects named “original mix” with different dates and lineages that it would be difficult to point to one of them and definitively say that was my original intention for the project.

One person who didn’t have this problem at all, though, was CLSM. I remember I was blown away upon first hearing an early version of what ended up being the final track. I sent the track over to Kevin Energy, who at the time was leading several labels including Relentless Records (their website no longer exists, but remasters can be bought officially via Beatport), part of the Nu Energy Collective (which sadly, also doesn’t exist anymore), which is where Desolation ended up being released.

Originally released in 2005 on Relentless records, Desolation has been “recently” (2021) remastered, and is available on Beatport. It also featured on Kevin Energy’s contribution to Hardcore Heaven, volume 2.

Hardcore Heaven, volume 2 – Kevin Energy mix

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