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New Year, New Me

After being a serial procrastinator, “ideas specialist before overthinking everything until it was unachievable” kind of person, it’s time to set some new years resolutions and actually achieve them.

I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life. I’ve always been “quite overweight” (let’s just call it what it is: morbidly obese). I’ve always been lazy when it comes to moving around, and I’ve always been in working environments where I’m sat down for long periods of time. I’ve avoided exercise like the plague, and it’s all added up. And let’s not forget my long-term sweet tooth, which has been the nail in the coffin for my waistline.

But, as they say, New Year, new me. So, one of my New Year’s resolutions for this year is to bring myself into a healthy range. I’m cutting out sugar, doing more exercise, both walking and resistance, and generally trying to be more active. I’m not actually “eating healthier,” per se, I’m just cutting out snacks and added sugar wherever possible. I know it won’t be easy, but I’m determined to make a change for the better. And that’s where this blog comes in. I’ll be documenting my progress here, so if you’re interested in following along on my journey, be sure to check back regularly.

And let’s not forget my other resolution: to actually finish a project every month this year. I have a bit of a habit of starting projects and never finishing them – but this year, I’ve decided to change that. I’m going to intentionally finish “a project” every month, and I’m starting with a mobile game called “Bloxkrieg.”

Well, actually… this blog is the first project.

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