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New Year, New Me, New Month Already?

I have already discussed my new years resolutions for 2023, and just like that the first month of the year has passed. Now it’s nearly February, so what have I achieved? Well, a few things since the new year, actually…

  • This blog is set up, for the most part anyway! It has posts on it for every day this month. I does not get much traffic at the moment but I am still learning some bits of search engine optimization and best practices and still have many things to write about. I intend to post something daily, where possible, and have largely stuck to that so far.
  • For my game, Bloxkrieg, I have been working through the Google Play sign up process, implementing AdMob into the game and testing and polishing it ready for a release.
  • I have maintained my diet of reduced sugar, less snacking, etc – I have even had a couple of pieces of fruit over the month!
  • Taking the dogs for a walk has become a daily activity, not just to the top of the street but beyond. They’re enjoying the extra time outside and it’s definitely contributing to my fitness progress and waistline.

Did I complete a project this month? No, I don’t think I did. It is true to say progress has been made on several projects, though.

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