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More Bloxkrieg Fixes and Progress on Boing!

Recently we released a game called Bloxkrieg on Google Play. The first round of fixes made it functionally better in several ways. Now we have some gameplay updates with some more fixes!

Bloxkrieg: changes to ball, blocker and block physics

  • The ball weight has been increased
  • The box weight has been balanced so that the ball can easily knock them about
  • The blocker collider has been adjusted

Bloxkrieg: performance enhancements and fixes

  • Enhancement to the level generator to try and generate more boxes per level and leave less gaps where possible
  • Enhancement to the powerup box generator so ensure the boxes stay within the level
  • Ensured that boxes that are knocked out of the level do not prevent the level from ending
  • Fixed issue where the advert container would unpause the game with the options screen showing

This update is now on Google Play – let us know what you think!


A level generated in Boing!

Other than Bloxkrieg, there is also some progress on the second game – Boing! The input controller I had written didn’t cater for touch controls at all, I have this in now (it’s not like it’s much of an input controller, you can only bounce!). I also spent some time tweaking the ball physics and input to try and make it as fun and challenging as possible.

An early version of this is now available to testers on Google Play – if you want to join in let us know via the contact form!

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