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Marching Towards the Next Resolution

Time flies when you’re having fun. Here is my March update for everything I’m currently working on. Previously, on getting my life in order:

I set myself the target of completing one project per month. The intention when I set this target was to work on small achievable projects that I could complete in a month, for the entire year.

This worked well in January – I created a game called Bloxkrieg and set up this blog.

February also flew by very quickly. The original intention had been to meet up with friends and make music but those plans fell through. On the gaming front I created another game, called Boing!, and released this on Google Play along with some updates to Bloxkrieg.

And now… March…

Marching on…

For March, I started working on two projects. The first: Emergence, this was intended to be a relatively simple game that I could finish within a month.

I haven’t written anything about Emergence yet, but will be revisiting the project before Starfall is complete. The idea for Emergence is to create a top down randomly generated strategy game, with the level generator taking hints from an OpenAI integration to create as unique of a gaming experience as possible, every time you start the game.

During the initial stages of development while trying to work out the foundation for the random level generation, testing a variety of pre-existing tools and tinkering with my own methods of creating a level – I got random level generation working far better than I had expected, and shelved the idea to start working on a 3D first person/third person game called Starfall.

I have also created updates for both Bloxkrieg and Boing!, adding a few additional features and fixing various bugs that became apparent after release. These updates are already on Google Play, and if you have either installed, should already be on your device.

What is Starfall?

Starfall is in development but is not going to be a project I finish in a month, or two months, and possibly even a year. I fully anticipate that this one will be fully worth the wait once it’s done though. I will create separate posts to detail the development of Starfall over time. The current state of Starfall is you can start the game, create a character (with a character creator), and you will spawn on your space ship (which is currently a placeholder). This will then allow you to travel to a couple of static locations (planets) which are currently just empty terrains, and use the random level generator to create a random space station level.

But… is it immersive?

One feature I have been working on with Starfall is interactable environments, but specifically: detailed interactive screens. This video shows the current state of interactive screens in Starfall, and most of the current status of Starfall itself;

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