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Glass AI Generates Clinical Plans for Medical Professionals from a One Liner

I am not a doctor, but I do know a doctor who says this is pretty good on first impressions… His exact words were “holy sh** this is amazing”

Glass AI, by Glass Health, is a large language model trained on medical resources that is in development for the Glass Platform. The Glass Platform looks like it’s going to be some kind of online notepad targeted at the medical sector, based on the main Glass Health website.

Glass AI uses artificial intelligence to create a draft differential diagnosis or clinical plan based on a diagnostic problem representation provided.

Glass AI generating clinical advice based on symptoms

This feature is not meant for general use and should only be utilized by healthcare professionals or trainees who have been trained to effectively create diagnostic problem representations, differential diagnoses, and clinical plans. It also specifically only generates a draft, so any advice given should be considered as a starting point for future evaluation.

Artificial intelligence is a constantly evolving field that requires ongoing research and testing. The Glass AI feature will attempt to provide a differential diagnosis or clinical plan based on the diagnostic problem representation inputted, like all large language models the quality and accuracy of the output is dependent on the quality of the input.

There is also a possibility that the output may be incomplete, incorrect, or biased, therefore it is important for users to carefully interpret the output and never rely on it as a substitute for professional judgment.

Well, yet… I’m sure in time that a solution like Glass AI will certainly aid in the world wide healthcare worker shortage!

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