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Freeform Family, There and Back Again

Join me for a blast from the past on this #ThrowbackThursday as I reflect on a past experience worth remembering. Though I didn’t have a blog at the time, I still want to share it now.

This article should have been released in September 2015.

“There and Back Again” is a track I wrote on and off over the course of several years, during which many impactful life events occurred – getting older, the deaths of family members, the end of old relationships and the beginning of new ones. It was always called “There and Back Again” – even from the very first version of the project, and the lead riff arrangement was the first thing written.

The original mix of “There and Back Again” never saw its own standalone release, it was signed to Stamina Records (whose website no longer exists, but the label is still active on various stores like Beatport, and still active on social media) and it featured on “Freeform Family” by Rebuild Music, A-Tech Records and Stamina Records in 2015 and was subsequently remixed by A.B (Stamina Records) in 2016. The album “Freeform Family” was limited release and is no longer available to buy new.

It was subsequently released on the unmixed compilation album “Stamina Summer Slammers, volume 5“, and is currently available to buy from Toolbox Digital, or for streaming on Amazon Music or Apple Music.

Here is the original clip released by Stamina Records on SoundCloud!

Anarchy Breed – There And Back Again – Stamina Records

As the sun goes down and the city lights breathe nightlife over suburbia, 3 unsung hardcore heroes keep a watchful eye from afar. Ready to restore the balance between the dark and the light, the organised and the chaotic, the mainstream and the underground….they are the ‘Freeform Family’.

POW! A-Tech Music, ReBuild Music and Stamina Records present ‘Freeform Family’ – 3 CDs of the best hi-tempo underground audio to tingle your super-senses! Featuring new and exclusive unheard music from the heroes of alternative hardcore, including Alek Száhala, A.B, jD-KiD, Aryx, Transcend and many more! Plus with top-secret material from Sharkey & Arkitech unearthed from the archives and re-mastered, this is your must have super weapon in the war on uninteresting 170+BPM music!

Totalling 36 unmixed pro-mastered tracks that really go off with a BANG, CRASH and KAPOW, embrace your chance to unleash the inner superhero in you. Align with A-Tech Music, ReBuild Music and Stamina Records and join the ‘Freeform Family’!

Freeform Family

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