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Flying Over the American Adventure

The American Adventure theme park was a popular attraction in Ilkeston, UK for over 20 years. Located in the heart of the East Midlands, the park offered a unique blend of American-themed attractions, including thrilling rides, live shows, and interactive experiences. From its opening in 1987 until its closure in 2007, American Adventure was a beloved destination for families and thrill-seekers alike.

When American Adventure opened its doors in 1987, it was an instant hit. The park was divided into several themed areas, including Main Street USA, Wild West Town, and Hollywood. Each area was designed to evoke a different aspect of American culture and history, and visitors could immerse themselves in the different worlds as they explored the park.

The park’s attractions were its main draw, with a mix of gentle rides for families and more thrilling experiences for thrill-seekers. Some of the park’s most popular attractions included the Wild River Rapids, the Grand Canyon Rapids, and the Corkscrew rollercoaster. Visitors could also enjoy live shows, such as the Wild West rodeo, or interact with characters from popular films and TV shows.

All Good Things…

Despite its popularity, American Adventure faced several challenges in the years following its opening. The park struggled to compete with other larger theme parks in the region, and struggled to maintain its facilities and attractions. In the early 2000s, the park faced financial difficulties and was eventually forced to close in 2007.

Former entrance buildings, even these have been knocked down now

The closure of American Adventure was a disappointment for many fans of the park, who had enjoyed its unique blend of American-themed attractions for over 20 years. The park was eventually sold and demolished, but its legacy lives on in the memories of those who visited and enjoyed the park during its heyday.

In conclusion, American Adventure theme park was a unique and beloved attraction in Ilkeston, UK, offering visitors a chance to experience the best of American culture and history. Despite its challenges and eventual closure, the park remains a memorable part of the town’s history, and a testament to the enduring appeal of American-style theme parks.

Flying over the former site of the American Adventure

The rides and attractions have all been removed and either sold off or scrapped. The land the American Adventure theme park occupied is now abandoned expect for the concrete and foundations of buildings. Here is a video I recorded of me flying over the remains of the former site of the American Adventure, with a park map for reference. This was also the second and fourth flights of my Mavic Air drone.

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