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Delusional? An Update From Me

I started this blog to hold myself accountable and ensure that the things I said I was going to do were actually documented and happened. So far I seem to have spent most of my time since researching things to post about, rather than actually focussing on the tasks I had set myself for the year. Now it’s February already, time really does fly…

So, aside from extensive playing around with ChatGPT, generating images with DALL-E and setting up websites, what have I done so far?

Well, let’s start with a website I’ve set up: – this website is for the “games company”, essentially the name the games are being released under on various stores. I set it up to fulfil several of the requirements of listing on the Google Play store – a general privacy policy, a privacy policy for the game, etc. It’s not complete, but it fulfils its current purpose. I will add more to it over time, as there is more to talk about on the games front.

Speaking of the games front: I have submitted Bloxkrieg to the Google Play store and it is currently in review. I am not using the managed release tools so I assume it will just appear on the store the moment the review has been approved? I’ll keep an eye on it and update once it’s available on the store, it is my first released game project and I’m excited to hear what you think of it!

Bloxkrieg screenshot taken on PC from within the Unity editor
Bloxkrieg screenshot taken on PC from within the Unity editor

One of my aims for 2023 is to progress a project to completion each month – to “finish it”. Obviously any software released has the potential for future bug fixes and content to be added, but “on the store” is a pretty good milestone for calling the initial phase of a project complete, in my opinion.

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