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ChatGPT Powered Microsoft Bing Sign Up Now Open

I have previously written about Microsoft integrating Chat GPT into Microsoft Bing search, and today Microsoft have opened sign ups to access the next version of Bing. Get yourself on the waiting list here [requires Microsoft account].

Introducing the new Microsoft Bing
Introducing the new Microsoft Bing

For those unfamiliar with the shift that this will potentially unlock, Microsoft have provided a list of possibilities;

  • “Create a 3 course menu”
  • “Help plan my special anniversary trip”
  • “What art ideas can I do with my kid”
  • “Can you help me get fit?”
  • “Write a rhyming poem”
  • “Help me plan for my fishing trip”

Among many more, view the full list on the new Bing signup page, or check out this article about some of the impressive things you can do with ChatGPT – you’ll be able to do this and more with the new Bing!

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