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Adding the Google AdMob Library to a Unity Project

Google AdMob is a platform for displaying advertisements in mobile applications. Integrating AdMob into a Unity project can increase its revenue. In this article, I will walk through the steps to install the Google AdMob components in a Unity project.

Step 1: Create a Google AdMob Account

To use Google AdMob, you must first have a Google AdSense account. If you don’t have one, go to and sign up for an account.

Step 2: Download the AdMob Unity Plugin

Go to the Google Developers AdMob site at and download the AdMob Unity plugin.

Step 3: Import the AdMob Unity Package

Open the Unity project you want to add AdMob to and go to Assets > Import Package > Custom Package. Locate the AdMob Unity package you just downloaded and import it into your project.

Step 4: Configure the AdMob Unity Plugin

Go to Assets > Google AdMob > Settings and enter your AdMob App ID. You can find this in the AdMob dashboard under App settings.

Step 5: Add AdMob Ad Units to Your Unity Scene

Create a new scene in your Unity project and add an AdMob Ad Unit to it. To do this, go to GameObject > Create Other > AdMob Ad Unit. This will add an AdMob Ad Unit component to your scene.

Step 6: Customize the AdMob Ad Unit

You can customize the AdMob Ad Unit by changing its properties in the Inspector. For example, you can change the Ad Unit ID, the size of the ad, and the position of the ad on the screen.

Step 7: Test Your AdMob Ad Unit

Before you publish your app, it’s a good idea to test the AdMob Ad Unit to make sure it’s working correctly. To do this, go to Assets > Google AdMob > Test Mode and select On. This will enable test ads in your app.

Step 8: Build and Publish Your App

Once you’ve tested the AdMob Ad Unit and made any necessary changes, you’re ready to build and publish your app. Go to File > Build Settings and select the platform you want to build for (e.g. iOS or Android). Click Build and then publish your app to the app store of your choice.

In conclusion, integrating Google AdMob into a Unity project can help increase its revenue. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily install the Google AdMob components in your Unity project and start displaying advertisements in your mobile app.

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