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A Look at Microsoft Bing’s ChatGPT Upgrade

Get ready for a game-changer in the world of web searching! Microsoft is about to launch an upgraded version of Bing that integrates OpenAI‘s cutting-edge ChatGPT technology, and leaks have confirmed that it’s an AI revolution in the making. Early previews of the new Bing have been spotted by multiple users, who’ve reported seeing a glimpse of the future of web searching.

Twitter user Owen Yin was one of the lucky few who got to try out some of the new Bing’s features before Microsoft quickly shut it down. He was blown away by what he saw – the search bar is now a chat box that’s larger in size and encourages natural language conversations. You can even ask Bing for its opinion and get responses in a chat bubble with citations at the bottom for further exploration.

For those of you who have played around with ChatGPT already, you’re familiar with the experience, aware of the capabilities and probably already have some ideas of how disruptive this will be moving forward.

Microsoft Bing's ChatGPT integration
Microsoft Bing’s ChatGPT interface, courtesy of Owen Yin

What sets this new AI-powered Bing apart from regular search engines is its ability to personalize your search experience. It can understand your plans and requirements, such as schedule conflicts, and provide relevant information that factors in those details. Simply put, it’s your personal research assistant, planner, and creative partner all rolled into one.

But if you prefer the traditional way of searching, don’t worry. The new Bing also allows you to search using keywords and get a page of results. Are we about to see a revolution in search?

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